1973 Vintage Range Rover Convertible Up for Auction

The world of automobile is fast developing and moving towards an era of electric cars which are capable of driving on their own to a desired destination.

Despite all these improvements, the craze that car enthusiasts have for vintage and classic cars never seems to diminish. A rare Range Rover convertible is all set to enter auction and the first look pictures of the vehicle are officially out. The teaser images show a brief glimpse of the vehicle and its vintage features. It is sure to entice the buyers to go for it without second thoughts, irrespective of the price people quote.

1973 Vintage Range Rover Convertible

The Land Rover’s Range Rover Suffix B manufactured in 1973 is revealed in a bunch of images. The vehicle is not the original version, but the one modified by Special Vehicle Conversions scheme rolled out in the United Kingdom, in the 1980s. This particular car was in use for at least a decade and it is being speculated that the owner lost it to another while playing a deck of cards. It was in storage for another decade, because the one who won it in the bet didn’t drive it and then the car was purchased by another dealer.

At present, the convertible classic Range Rover has travelled 62,500 miles according to official reports. The numbers are literally low which is going to be a strong selling point for the vehicle because it has more life to it than a vehicle that has already been driven to its maximum point. Besides, the low miles indicate the internals to be in good condition. It has also been refreshed once, in a full frame restoration campaign held recently.

While buying it off through the auction is a great purchase for car enthusiasts, you may not be able to take it on the road at its top speed. The seller doesn’t reveal much about its stability on the road and the convertible top may or may not be sturdy even to bear the winds.

Vintage Range Rover Convertible

The 1973 vintage Range Rover will be up for auction during the Silverstone Auction NEC Classic Motor Show. The event will be held in Birmingham in England. When it goes for auction, experts opine that it may make at least $54,000 to a maximum of $62,000. A couple of pictures of the car has been posted so that you can enjoy looking through it because not everyone can afford to buy a card for $62k and keep it parked in their garage, right?

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