2015 BMW X1 xDrive 25i Front Wheel Drive is Innovative, but Bumpy

When an automobile manufacturer comes up with an innovative idea, it is important to support them so as to pave way for newer ideas. The 2015 BMW X1 xDrive 25i with front wheel drive system is definitely something buyers should support.

The company has gone a step ahead by creating the second generation version of compact SUV with a front wheel drive system. It is the first of its kind which uses a brand new engine and a transmission system designed to offer best value for your investment. While it is a good SUV in its own zone, there is stiff competition from the likes of Audi Q3 and the Mercedes Benz GLA.


When we had the chance to drive the vehicle, it was obvious that there had been some significant changes made to the SUV both in terms of performance and in design. One of the biggest pros of the second generation variant is that it is much bigger in size offering more leg room for passengers in the rear seats. Surprisingly, the increased space is available for those who set in both rows. The designers have also increased the size of the cargo.

The choice is thoughtful because when you have a car full of passengers, it is mandatory to have extra storage space for the luggage. Apart from all these fresh changes, the designers have refined the drivetrain which is robust than before and the interior finish is luxurious. There are a lot of good things about this compact SUV, but at the same time, there are plenty of cons to buying one.


When it comes to comfort level on rocky roads, the 2015 BMW X1 xDrive 25i falls flat because it uses flat tires. They are extremely bumpy even in the slightest change in road and when a SUV filled with passengers is so unstable on the road, it is very annoying not just for the driver, but every occupant who has to endure the bumps. Apart from this tire issue, it is a great compact SUV that you could go for without second thoughts. The pricing has been kept at an affordable level, which makes it an amazing choice for people looking forward to either upgrade or go for a secondary SUV to accommodate their family.

It’s priced at $59,990 and uses an 8 speed automatic transmission system. The SUV is powered by a four-cylinder engine and a 16v battery.

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