2015 Honda Accord and Civic Tops the List as Carjackers’ Most Preferred Vehicle

Creating a car that is loved by consumers and critics is a tough job. Honda delivers what they promised and more, with their Accord and Civic variants. However, they never expected to appease the car jackers in the country.

According to a report submitted by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Honda Accord topped the list and is the most popular vehicle among car thieves. While the actual reason was not revealed by the bureau, it probably has something to do with the models being popular in the black market or maybe because of its security measures that are easy to crack. The second place was bagged by the Honda Civic.

Honda Civic

The crime bureau concluded that in the year 2014, at least 51,000 Accords were stolen while with 44,000 recorded thefts, the Civic stands in the second place. Honda can hardly consider this as a reason to celebrate but it is not easy to acquire the top two places in any list, be it legal or illegal. The difference between the first two in the list and the vehicle in the third place is extremely huge.

Ford’s F-series truck is in the third place but only 28,000 of them were stolen last year. An interesting piece of information is that this is not the first time that Honda has topped the list created by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The manufacturer has been continuously topping the list in the past twelve years, often with their Accord and Civic variants.

The reason behind the frequent thefts, according to a company representative is that any model that were designed and deployed before 1997 were low in technology. They didn’t possess any innovative features like an alarm system, automatic lock and easy sync with mobile operating systems. If a vehicle is easy to steal, car robbers are bound to be interested in the particular model than any other, reported the representative.


Chevrolet’s full sized trucks stand in number four. The report confirmed that 23,000 thefts were recorded. Standing in at number five is the Toyota Camry, 14,000 of which had been stolen in 2014. Compared to the past, new age vehicles are highly sophisticated and allow the users to remotely control them. It’s not easy to steal a Civic or Accord that got released in the past five years. However, it poses a new threat because hackers could gain access to these vehicles and stop them when they are in motion which poses a serious threat.

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