2015 Lexus Eyeing to Bring Out a Luxury Baby SUV

Lexus NX was a pleasant surprise to the brand and the developers behind it. The company never expected it to be such a runaway hit. It instantly won the heart of millions of buyers around the globe.

When compared to brands like Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin and BMW, Lexus has a relatively low share in the automobile market. The brand enjoys a strong show in different parts of the world, but when it comes to a memorable SUV and sedan, they still lack that one model to win them all. The NX came out of the blue and not only impressed the buyers, but surprised the people behind it.


Obviously, the company wants to follow up the successful Lexus NX and the best feasible choice is a luxury baby SUV. While the NX is in tough competition against other models like Audi Q3 and the popular Mercedes Benz GLA, the company is also looking at a possibility to release another car in the same segment to spice things up.

Speaking about sales trends during the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, the company representatives added that they are finding it tough to deliver the right number of cars to Australia, among other regions. There has been a consistent demand among the buyers for 2015 Lexus NX model, which they never anticipated before the launch. Production wings are in full swing at the moment trying to manufacture them and ship them to the respective destinations in due time.

They added that Lexus has a very good patronage among people when it comes to SUVs. The company’s newly launched RX is doing well in the United States, while the LX and GX topline variants have found specific buyers in other regions. The brand looks forward to sustaining the name and focus, more on the utility vehicles, as it is evident that people prefer them for SUVs than any other type of car.


While the people at Lexus didn’t openly comment about the existence of a luxury, smaller SUV, they added that the situation in the SUV market is exceptionally favorable for the brand. When things go at this pace, there is a possibility for a lot of new launches in the future and a compact car is probably one of them. After all, when they couldn’t grab people’s attention with sedans, it’s an extremely logical decision to do what the brand is already best at. Lexus has plans to reveal an electric car in the next three years.

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