2015 Toyota Avalon and Volkswagen Golf TDI are Highly Fuel Efficient with Great Drivability

Gas prices keep shooting up towards the sky which makes it tough for car owners to enjoy their driving experience. Are there any vehicles that could offer you great driving experience, comfort and safety coupled with dependable fuel efficiency?

While electric cars are a good choice that offer all the above, there are many practical issues to overcome. There are no budget friendly EVs at the moment and those that are easy to purchase hardly offer high mileage. With these factors into consideration, we have shortlisted two different vehicles which don’t compromise on its style and build quality yet ensure that you don’t burn your wallet by visiting the gas station repeatedly.


The 2015 Toyota Avalon hybrid is a great choice for buyers looking forward to go with a full sized sedan. The vehicle is powered by a four cylinder engine which delivers 156 horsepower and has an electric motor which delivers 141 horsepower. When combined, they have enough power to help you cruise the road with the utmost comfort. The electric motor is incredibly efficient at offering you good mileage and when it runs out of power, the sedan seamlessly switches to the gasoline engine.

While the Avalon is bundled with multiple modes to choose from, the Sport mode offered the best mileage at 35 to 37 mpg which is a phenomenal feat to achieve, considering the size of the car. It obviously delivers much higher mileage on a highway; probably 40mpg or higher. At $40,000, the Toyota Avalon hybrid is a great choice to go for. Skip the V6 gasoline engine variant and go for the hybrid.

Not everyone loves huge sedans and SUVs which is when the Volkswagen Golf TDI hybrid becomes the ultimate choice. With a wide range of colors, great finish and a powerful diesel engine which uses the 2015 technology to ensure cleanliness, it is an option that you can’t say no to. The basic model is at $17,995 which makes the diesel hybrid extremely affordable. The car offers 25mpg within the city, while you can kick up to 37mpg on the highway, making it an extremely fuel efficient performer to opt for.


The car is powered by a 2 liter four cylinder engine which renders 150 horsepower and an electric motor. It is surprisingly quiet on the road and if you can go for the four door hatchback model which is priced slightly higher, you can get an awesome 30mpg in city. Both vehicles are highly recommended for buyers who like to make wise automobile investments.

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