2016 Audi LMP1 Car is Almost Ready – Official Specs and Release Date Expected Soon

The luxury car manufacturers in the world love to showcase their expertise in making the best vehicles and the LMP1 variant is an ideal way to show off some new technology.

Toyota has already showcased their 2016 LMP1 car while Audi is yet to open up on their future plans. The company confirmed that they will have a strong presence in the FIA World Endurance Championship and in order to cope up with the growing demands, the manufacturer has plenty of tricks up their sleeve. They have already transitioned from the 2 to 4 MJ hybrid subclass which is the first step towards higher power gains. The designers are also planning to replace the flywheel system and adopt a new battery storage system.

Audi LMP1 car

Without directly mentioning their competitor, Chris Reinke, head of Audi’s LMP1 division confirmed that they don’t have any plans to confirm all the technologies which the team is planning to implement in the new car. “With a whole year to go, we have plenty of time to analyze and experiment with different technologies available. Our tradition has always been of keeping the final specs a secret until the end of the year. It will continue this year without doubts,” he said, speaking to Sportscar 365.

For now, the design team has confirmed the basic parameters for the upcoming 2016 Audi LMP1 car, but other things are still under discussion. Reinke confirmed that their car faces tough competition and it is important to stay ahead of their competitors which is why they are taking as much time as required to create the perfect vehicle. He admitted that the team is interested in adopting a 6 or 8 MJ hybrid subclass for the upcoming 2016 LMP1 but it’s not a confirmed decision yet.

The FIA has come up with a new set of regulations which will probably come into vogue from 2017. However, Reinke said that he is extremely interested to see the existing regulations being extended for a few more years, instead of imposing new ones so early. It gives the team and drivers to fully explore the vehicle’s potential within the set regulations than spending time on understanding new ones.

WEC Nürburgring 2015

With a couple of months to go, it won’t be long before Audi reveals the official specification for their 2016 LMP1 car. The vehicle is under development as confirmed by the head of the team and with so much hard work put into it, it’s obvious that it will pose a tough competition for other brands.

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