2016 BMW 340i Configurator Will Allow Buyers to Customize their Car

Being able to customize your own sedan and get it built by one of the leading car manufacturers in the world is a dream come true. The 2016 BMW 340i Configurator is now officially open and has all the customization options you need to build your dream car.

The option is available in their official website, bmwusa.com where you can head to and create a car with the engine, color, specifications, features you love. The 2016 BMW 340i with a rear wheel drive is the entry level variant which is priced at $45,800. The delivery charge of $995 is included in this price tag. There are two different customizable variants available for purchase – the 340i and the 340i xDrive.


The latter will set you back by $47,800 for the basic model. For buyers who are confused with the naming scheme that BMW uses, the new 340i is none other than the successor to the popular 335i. While the numbering system has drastically changed, the car’s displacement and other features are almost the same except for a few tweaks.

A range of impressive modifications have been implemented in the 2016 BMW 340i. The vehicle is the first to be powered by a six cylinder engine that is part of the EfficienctDynamics family. The boosted engine allows the vehicle to deliver a solid 326 horsepower coupled with 332 lb ft of torque. The manufacturers are quite aware of the fact that people loved the turbocharged six engine on the older 335i which is known for its amazing sound, fluid performance and acceleration capabilities.

They are confident that the new I6 is power packed and has the potential to ideally replace the outgoing model. Buyers will be able to choose between a six speed manual transmission and an eight speed automatic transmission variant when using the configurator. In terms of design, the new BMW 340i 2016 edition will feature sharper, dynamic LED taillights while buyers can choose to go for full LED headlights to achieve maximum vision on the road.

2016 BMW 340i Configurator

There are multiple packages to choose from. The Sports Line package has now been pushed back to a standard level so that entry level buyers could enjoy some of its unique features. If you are looking forward to upgrade, the company offers a track handling package which adds better precision, stability and control. There’s also a luxury package which adds some exquisite features and the M Aerodynamic package to give a sporty look to the 2016 BMW 340i. Obviously, all of them cost extra.

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