2016 BMW X1 Expanding the Range with Plug-In Hybrid Model

BMW just recently unveiled the 2016 BMW X1 series, almost entirely changing the design of the popular small SUV. With that in mind, the Bavarian company is also trying to expand the range, with a plug-in hybrid 2016 X1 spotted on test roads.

According to rumors, the plug-in X1 will go on sale early next year.


The badge for the plug-in-hybrid might be X1 xDrive 30e, as the SUV is expected of the new PHEV line that also includes the Active Tourer series and might go as high as the 7 Series luxury sedans.
Specifications are not clear, but the rumors are that a 2.0-liter engine with four cylinders is all but confirmed. Reports are 88 ponies will power up the engine, with total power expected just a little over 200hp. Batteries for the electric drive will be placed under the trunk floor. The trunk of the new 2016 BMW X1 is 85 liters larger, but those who want a plug-in hybrid model must anticipate that the battery will eat up 100 liters of that space.

Electric range and fuel consumption are also unknown now. However, we can compare them to the existing X5 model. At the moment, the electric range of the BMW X5 is 19 miles, with the 2016 X1 expected to go higher. As for fuel consumption, some rumors suggest a rating of 100mpg.

One of the best features of the newly announced 2016 BMW X1 is the all-wheel drive system. Previously, BMW focused on rear wheel drive, which was one of the reasons why competitors were able to deliver better results. But the new all-wheel drive system works in a way that the driver doesn’t even notice it.

2016 BMW X1

The new drive system transmits torque only to the front wheels when driving under normal conditions. However, once the car detects wheel spin, the power is completely shifted to the rear wheels. Power is shifted without the driver noticing it, thanks to a new, electro-hydraulic pump. The feature is very much useful in off-road adventures. We will have to wait and see if all these features, including the stability control system, make their way to the plug-in hybrid version of the 2016 BMW X1.

The new generation of the BMW X1 has significantly increased space inside. The body of the 2016 X1 is taller, wider, and with shrinking of the wheelbase, the result is a more comfortable interior. The cabin legroom has been increased for both front and rear seat passengers. Those seating in the back will also enjoy more headroom. All seats can be moved up and front to create an extra luggage room or more legroom.

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