2016 BMW X1 Makes a Grand Entry in the Frankfurt Auto Expo 2015

The 2016 BMW X1 which is making heads turn at the Frankfurt auto expo at the moment is easily one of the sleek, stylish and comfortable sport utility vehicles from the brand.

Long gone are the days when SUVs used to be large and bulky, intimidating the drivers from going for it. Even someone who strongly hates the class may change their mind after giving the new X1 a shot. The vehicle falls in the BMW range of SUVs that has a sharp front end covered by a large kidney grille and a sporty bumper to add to its appeal.


The 2016 BMW X1 features a spoiler mounted on the tail gate and is available in three different variants. The Sport Line is the first in the row followed by the xLine and the high end M Sport Line. Buyers who opt for the M Sport will have to shell out extra cash, for which the company bumps the size of the body kit and adds special alloys to the package, making it a worthy investment. The body of the X1 is built using a combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and plastic, which keep the overall weight of the car under control.

It’s the interiors that appeal the most including the glossy black accents all over, coupled with an oxide silver trim, which adds to its personality. The car is powered by the proprietary iDrive infotainment system found in all BMW vehicles. A 6.5-inch display allows you to control the air conditioning, music and GPS among other features.

Buyers who opt for the M Sport line will have access to Alcantara sports seats, matte blue accents coupled with an aluminum hexagon trim. The high end variant of the 2016 BMW X1 also features an informative and improved heads up display, driving assistant plus package among other technological goodies.


The SUV will offer five different engine variants on launch, which includes three different diesel engines and two petrol engines. The highest petrol engine variant renders 231 PS with 350 Nm while the diesel variants range between 150 to 231 PS.

BMW has also revealed plans that they may launch a Mini variant of the X1 2016 model powered by a lower 1.5 three cylinder engine. However, the current launches feature four cylinder engine and it may take some time before the mini gets an official reveal. Apart from the X1, there are other models that the manufacturer launched at the Frankfurt auto show.

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