2016 BMW Z4 Model Should Come in Coupe and M Variants: Popular Demand among Car Enthusiasts

The 2016 BMW Z4 model should come in coupe and M variants, a popular demand among car enthusiasts. While it is rumored that the 2016 version of the BMW Z4 is being worked on, perhaps, being co-developed with Toyota, there is yet no official confirmation.

What seems to be a certainty is that the new Z4 will definitely be available as a convertible. It is most likely that the new Z4 convertible version will only be a top-drop since the earlier model did not have the coupe version. Even though the earlier model was a hard-top convertible and so with the top on, the vehicle could look like a coupe, it was not the same thing, experts believe. Coupes handle better and are much lighter and stiffer.


The E85 generation Z4 had a wonderful coupe variant that was loved by car enthusiasts for its nimbleness, lightness, speed and tightness. The lightness was more so as it did not feature the rigid roof structure and the power-folding roof mechanism. Even today, that Z4 coupe variant is highly desirable among car collectors.

The E85-generation Z4 offered an extremely pleasurable drive. It also came in the M variant, suitably called the Z4 M Coupe. It was an excellent car and because it is so rare, it has a prestige value attached to it. However, the successor of this Z4 version was not offered in coupe or M variants probably driven by insufficient sales of the predecessors.

The upcoming Z4 model is expected to be built on a lightweight, scalable platform and may or may not be co-developed with Toyota. However, it is definitely expected to be very light and will extensively use high-strength steel, carbon fiber and aluminum. This combination of lightweight and robust components make a coupe or convertible version is quite plausible. And an M variant is also not ruled out.


It is believed that if this automobile engineering concept is co-developed with Toyota, then Toyota would most likely employ it for the Supra successor model which could outperform the Z4, something that BMW may not like.

These factors make it possible that BMW will bring the coupe and M variant in the next Z4 model, an exciting proposition for car enthusiasts as the only convertibles available currently are the M4 and M6, both of which are quite heavy for the M variant. The car experts are of the opinion that an M roadster will be a really exciting version and sustain for a long time and the demand for it would outlive the production period.

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