2016 DS3 Debuts in Paris with Better Engine and New Technology Features

The 2016 DS3 has made an official debut and the car looks significantly different when compared to its previous models.

It features stylish new color tones, sleek design and a whole load of technological updates on the inside.


The car was revealed in Paris in an event today where the company spent time explaining the crowd of the mechanical and technical stuff they have changed to make the luxury, compact car different. The DS Wings hexagonal grille is a brand new addition covered by chrome plates. The Xeon, LED lights are mounted right above the grille while the rear is equipped with 3D pattern to add a sophisticated touch.

The body and the roof feature distinct colors in every variant. It helps it stand out rather than using the same color tone in entirety. Interestingly, the company allows the DS3 buyers to go with a color combination of their choice. Buyers can go through the available ones in the official website before placing an order. There is a total of 78 combos available making it one of the most extensive choices available.

Apart from this customization feature, DS3 Cabrio also gets 15 distinct alloy wheels to choose from, ten roof decals and 10 different rearview models. The brand claims the buyers can make at least one million different outcomes by using them all and it obviously means you will hardly come across another DS3 that looks the same.

On the inside, the infotainment system is powered by a 7-inch touchscreen display and there aren’t too many buttons to annoy you. Most operations are handled using motion or touch while some still use analog controls for the traditional experience. The car supports Apple Car Play, has its own DS Connect Box system to enable mapping, tracking and SOS support systems.

Active City Brake system is now found on all variants of the DS3 2016 edition which is capable of automatically applying the brakes in case it detects an imminent collision. The system kicks off only when the car is travelling at 30 kilometers per hour and not more.


The starting trim line variant features 1.2-liter PureTech turbocharged engine delivering 82 horsepower. There’s a 1.6-liter engine which renders a cool 165 horsepower and 240 Nm torque. The higher model offers 208 horsepower but its restricted to the premium variant of the DS3.

A whole list of images had been released by the company that shows various color options available.

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