2016 Ford Edge – An American SUV for the European Market

The 2016 Ford Edge debuted previously during the Motor show in Los Angeles in 2014. However, up until now, with the Frankfurt Motor Show, European buyers and fans knew so little of the powerful SUV.

With the SUV market in Europe growing rapidly, Ford showed the 2016 Edge at the Frankfurt Motor Show, presenting to prospective buyers what the powerful vehicle can do. And the 2016 Edge can surely deliver and meet expectations.

2016 Ford Edge

Designed as a global vehicle, the 2016 Ford Edge is powered by a 2.0-liter diesel engine producing 207hp under the hood. The fuel efficiency is decent, with rating of 20MPG in the city and 30MPG on the highway. The area where 2016 Ford Edge excels at is its off road capability, giving the European buyers an alternative to the Range Rover. The 2016 Edge is available with both six-speed automatic and six- speed manual gearbox.

One of the advantages of the 2016 Edge is the All-Wheel drive, which the SUV has a standard option, meaning the prospective buyers will not have to pay extra for it. The Intelligent drive system delivers a seamless and smooth transition between front-wheel drive system and all-wheel drive system. The new Intelligent All-Wheel drive system developed by Ford can send up to 100% of the torque to the rear or front wheels. Since the system delivers torque only when needed, the drive system helps with fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

The signature element of the new 2016 Ford Edge is the adaptive steering system which adjusts the wheels according to the driver’s actions on the steering wheel. Vehicles that do not have this technology, the steering ratio is fixed.

But in the new Ford Edge, the ratio between the actions and the number of turns of the wheels adjusts and changes depending on the speed, the conditions on the road and actions by the driver.

For example, when driving at low speed, drivers need to make fewer turns on the wheel, as the vehicle become more agile and easier to maneuver. On the opposite side, on highway driving and speed, the system helps the vehicle react smoothly.


Safety features include pre-collision assist, pedestrian detection and camera and radar system detecting vehicles at speed of up to 100mph and people on the road.

Inside, the 2016 Ford Edge features heating and cooling for the front seats and heating for the rear seats.

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