2016 Ford Focus RS Packs 350 Ponies Under the Hood and Features Stall Recovery Technology

It seems like Ford has a worthy competitor in the category where the likes of Volkswagen Golf R and Subaru WRX STI are the unquestioned standards.

Enter the 2016 Ford Focus RS, a hot hatchback producing 350 ponies under the hood with 350 pound-feet of torque.

Ford Focus RS

Using various tricks and tweaks, the engineers at Ford has managed to boost the output of the 2016 Focus RS to a level nobody saw it coming. The initial projections for the new hot hatchback were 315 ponies under the hood.

However, the 2016 Focus RS far exceeds those estimates. Under the hood, the sporty car features a 2.3 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine producing 350hp. That is 152hp per liter, which is something that few cars on the market can pull off. The 2016 Focus RS replaces the old Volvo-based five cylinder engine with a standard four cylinder, which is another improvement in the performance section.

Additionally, the 2016 Ford Focus RS is the first focus to have all-wheel drive, unlike previous models that were available only with rear-wheel drive.

Some of the tricks that engineers used to boost power are the ‘EcoBoost four’ feature, which now has new low-inertia. The system incorporates new intercooler with better size, performance exhaust, and a low-restriction intake manifold.

But what is the highlight of the new 2016 Focus RS is the new “Stall Recovery Feature”. The function is part of the start-stop system of the new Focus. The technology automatically restarts the engine, which can be done with a press on the clutch after a stall. It is a pretty innovative feature.

2016 Ford Focus RS

For example, under normal circumstances, a stalled engine commands the driver to shift back into neutral, then find the starter button and manually restart the engine. In the new 2016 Ford Focus RS, all drivers will have to do is to press the clutch and restart the engine.

Tyrone Johnson, one of the chief engineers and vehicle managers at Ford, explained that the company wanted to go one step further and use start-stop technology to stall the engine at launch.

Production of the 2016 Ford Focus RS is scheduled for the end of this year. Price and specs of the engine and other details have yet to emerge, but we are officially excited to see the new Focus RS in full display.

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