2016 Honda Accord and Coupe Edition – New Features and Official Pricing Revealed

With the year coming to a close, manufacturers are all set to reveal the revised edition of their popular vehicles. Honda has officially announced the pricing and specifications of their 2016 Honda Accord and the Coupe editions.

The Honda Accord has a massive fan following, not only in the United States, but around the globe, because it’s a luxury sedan that doesn’t compromise on performance. Besides, it is budget friendly when compared to the Audi or the BMW sedans, which are meant for a different class of people.


The company has officially announced that the buyers in the United States will be able to purchase the revamped versions of their popular models by the end of August. Before its official launch, the pricing and specification details are out. The 2016 Honda Accord will set you back with a price of $22, 105. The Coupe variant has a base price of $23,775, which will go higher, based on the model and additional features that a buyer might choose to include.

All-new Accord promises to offer great fuel economy which is made possible by the lighter materials used to construct the body. The design has been tweaked to offer better aerodynamics and the latest generation car has reduced friction when compared to the older edition. The vehicle is powered by a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine, which delivers a reliable 185 horse power and 181 lb per foot torque. For car enthusiasts who seek better performance, the company offers a 3.5 liter V6 engine variant. The bumped up engine delivers 278 horsepower coupled with 252 lb per foot torque.

The interiors have received a significant upgrade as expected. The Accord and Coupe 2016 editions feature a stylish new front grille, an aluminum hood combined with a rear bumper that is quite aggressive, similar to the one found in sports cars. The manufacturer now offers new color variants including the Kona Coffee Metallic for sedans, while Coupe buyers can opt for Deep Blue Opal Metallic trims.


Carbon firm materials are used to construct the interiors, dashboard among other parts. The luxury variant of the Accord 2016, the EX offers wood grain inspired instrument panels. The rear seats are completely foldable with a 60:40 split and is integrated with heating features to maintain optimal temperature.

The infotainment features in the 2016 Honda cars support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for connected entertainment on the go. Additional security features including lane assist, adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning is integrated into the car.

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