2016 Honda Accord – Sporty Sedan with Plenty of Technology Features Inside

For more than twenty years, the Honda Accord has been one of the most popular midsize vehicles for families in the US. From one version to another, Honda doesn’t change much in the outside looks, but the technology goodies inside are what make the 2016 Honda Accord one of the best sellers on the market.

For starters, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, both make their way to the Honda Accord as standard features in the EX, Touring and EX-L configurations. For lower configurations, the two features are not available. Apple’s and the Android car systems allow the users to stream music, read messages and use the voice assistants like Siri and Google Now in the cockpit. As a bonus, the GPS of your smartphone helps with the navigation.

2016 Honda Accord

However, all trims get the Honda Sensing, a state of the art safety system that includes the popular warnings for lane departure and collision-mitigating braking. But the Sensing package includes much more than that. Other technologies that are part of the Honda Sensing package are warnings for forward collision, road departure mitigation, assist system for lane keeping and adaptive cruise control. All features are designed to make the driving experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.

The chaos on the dashboard has been solved by installing a dual display screen. One of the screens is located at the top of the center, while the second is just below it. The two screens work simultaneously when you use all the technology features.

The exterior of the Accord gets some cosmetic tweaks and design changes. You will notice them from the first moment you set your eyes on the car. The front fascia is revised and the Sport and Touring configurations now include huge 19 inch wheels. The tail end of the car has also undergone a cosmetic surgery.

Under the hood, the 2016 version of the Honda Accord still uses the very dependable and reliable 2.4 liter engine with 185hp and the 3.5 liter V6 engine that can produce up to 278hp.

Honda released the prices for all configurations of the 2016 Accord. The starting price for the base model is almost the same as the 2015 model. For example, the manual transmission 2016 Honda Accord base model starts at $22,925 and goes to $23,725 for a model with CVT. Next on the list is the Honda Accord Sport that starts at $24,985 for a model with manual transmission and costs $800 extra if you want a CVT.

The first model that comes with the Apple Car Pay and the Android Auto features installed is the Accord EX, a vehicle that costs $26,300 for a manual transmission. The cream of the crop is the Touring V6 sedan configuration that costs $35,400. All the prices above are for a sedan version. The 2016 Accord is also available in the coupe version, with the base model starting at $24,595 and can go up to $35,945 for the Touring V6 configuration.


All the features and the design of the 2016 Honda Accord beg the question, do you want and need one. For many years, Honda owners have appreciated what the Accord and similar Honda machines bring: a reliable, but not spectacular experience. Nothing about the 2016 Accord sounds spectacular, but the car is very dependable. And once you get into a Honda machine, you won’t ever wish for something else. The 2016 Accord will guide you through daily problems and inanities without even breaking sweat. Honda has injected some dose of excitement, but the company continues to rely on the same principles: efficiency, quality and reliability. As with previous versions, your 2016 Honda Accord will never disappoint you.

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