2016 Honda Civic – 5 Things That Make the Car Impressive

The brand new 2016 Honda Civic is out and while it may fool you by looking very conventional, the sedan has a lot more packed inside to be the next big commuter’s choice next year.

As a matter of fact, Honda has the upper hand with their Civic model because the car has been out for a decade and this is the 10th generation launch. If they choose to go with minor changes and launch a mediocre car, people would still buy it. They didn’t do it surprisingly, but have spent months working on new technologies and a completely new body to make the sedan extra safe.


The team has come up with an amazing body design which is easily the first point that makes it so good on the road. The car faces stiff competition from companies like Ford and Mazda which has prompted them to alter the front, making it look meaner and sharp. The wheels as well as the tailpipes are modified as well, especially the boomerang inspired headlights and the car looks muscular than ever.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the car is much bigger than it used to be, which boosts it legroom and headroom. People in the rear gain 2.2 inches extra space to be precise while the car is 3 inches longer than it used to be. For an average consumer, it might look meager when spaces are measured in inches, but you can experience it when you actually sit in the car.

A couple of new technologies have been incorporated into the vehicle which is another impressive feature that makes the 2016 Honda Civic irresistible. It supports Apple’s Car Play and Android Auto on all its trim levels that are above the EX standard. The car is also equipped with Honda Sensing, a brand name under which, a new list of safety features have been incorporated for the safety of the passengers.


It features a lighter body made possible by Advanced Compatibility Engineering. The technology allowed the car designers to shave off 68 pounds off it and it is mainly built on top of steel with advanced layering that makes it extremely robust, yet lightweight. Being lightweight obviously leads to better control as well as increased fuel efficiency.

2016 Honda Civic is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 158 horsepower which is more than enough for everyday commute. With everything in place including an affordable price tag, we can say that Honda has hit jackpot one more time with the Civic.

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