2016 Honda Civic Designed with More Class and Improved Performance: Errors of the Predecessor Corrected  

The new 2016 Honda Civic has been redesigned with added class and enhanced performance features.

The company openly admitted to the fact that the previous 9th generation model failed to live up to customer expectations. Now, Honda has taken pains to ensure all errors and goof-ups stand corrected in the 10th generation Civic.

The predecessor was launched in 2012 and irritants included a jittery ride, excessive noise, cheap interiors and inept handling. Hence, the 9th generation fell short of expectations and in an attempt to correct these goofs, Honda brought about a few upgraded about 18 months later which was just about passable.


For the 2016 model, Honda has refurbished the Civic brand by constructing it on an entirely new platform and employing two new engines. As against the outgoing model, the 10th generation Civic is lower, wider and longer and yet is more lightweight too.

While the top-end models will feature a 1.5L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine delivering 174 hp, the lower-end specs will feature a new 2L 4-cylinder unit delivering 158 hp. The engines are connected to automatic transmission system; the manual option is available only in the Base LX model.

The 2016 Honda Civic is positioned not only against the regular Toyota Corolla and similar vehicles but also to take on the Audi A3. While the 2L engine units in the base level offer sufficient power provided the demand is reasonable, the top-spec’s new engine offers immense advantages for a silent and smooth drive.

The ample and ever-ready torque allows the driver to achieve good speed at the lower and mid-level range where the CVT is more palatable. The silently working turbo engines also masks any jerks and sudden movements in the transmission system.  The top-end models featuring this new engine are the Touring, EX-T and EX-L versions.

The chassis is also redesigned and fine-tuned for improved and fluent handling. The steering is also direct and smooth and the turn-in response remains good even when the turning is sharper. The car movement is steady and controlled thanks to a refined body control.  The excessive noise of the earlier model is now more muted and all these factors make the new 2016 Honda Civic a substantial and mature feel.

The interiors are more contemporary and minimalist without the clutter of the earlier twin-layer instrument panel. The base models come with a simple audio system while the higher-end models feature Honda’s capacitive touchscreen along with the infotainment system which supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

2016 Honda Civic

All models of the new Civic will feature automatic climate control, automatic up/down front windows and standard rear view camera.  The EX versions and above will also feature remote start. An additional electronic parking brake saves space, reduces effort and adds more oomph to the car. Moreover, this adds so much of storage room between the two seats in front that multiple iPads can be accommodated in the configurable console.

While the USB port is fixed at a very low and inconvenient position, cup-holders, trays and cubbies are ample and conveniently located. The EX-L comes with a power driver seat, the EX-T and above models come with heated seats and the Touring model also gets heated rear seats.

Although the first type to be rolled out is the sedan, two others would also join the 2016 Honda Civic lineup including a 5-door hatchback and a coupe. The coupe is expected to be launched in winter while the hatchback a year later. The expected price range would be between $18,640 and $26,500.

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