2016 Honda Civic is Going to Revoke Design Factors from Si  

Creating the next gen car is a difficult task for the designers because they have the crucial task to satisfy their audience.

In order to make the 2016 Honda Civic stand out from the rest, they are going to borrow some design factors from the previously launched Si Civic variant.


Buyers who have had the chance to drive the Civic in the past will be familiar with the new offering. The news is nearly official, according to which designers will be using some of the elements from the Civic Si, which belong to the ninth generation model. Honda has decided to bring things from the past because they believe that in order to appease buyers in North America, a sense of familiarity is mandatory. Besides, it keeps the risk levels under control when a tried and tested design is rehashed with new tweaks to make it look stylish and next gen.

The exterior of the upcoming 2016 Honda Civic is expected to be extremely sharp and seamless with taillights connected to the grille in a unique manner. Similarly, the interior of the car will also be modified accordingly so that there are no unwanted gaps or obstacles in the design. Seamless uni-body finish is what automobile manufacturers rely upon and the same will be used in the upcoming Civic as well.

An update from the Consumer Report confirmed that Honda is also planning to upgrade the construction materials to aluminum and fiber. These two the most preferred materials which are exceptionally lightweight, easy to integrate into varied designs yet sturdy enough to provide stability for the car at its top speed. A pass-through center console will be used in the car. It will be powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine while the high line trim variant of the sedan will be equipped with a much better engine capacity.


Additional versions like Android Auto and Apple Car Play are expected to be found in all variants of the cars, enabling the drivers to easily control the console besides allowing them to enjoy the best of entertainment on the go. We have also had the opportunity to look at some of the spy shots of the 2016 Honda Civic. It confirmed that the vehicle is not going to undergo any major changes before its launch, but it’s the subtle design elements borrowed from the Si that’s going to make a huge difference when it gets launched.

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