2016 Infiniti Q50 2.0T Pricing Starts at $34,855, 3.0T Pricing Not Announced

Infiniti has launched a new 2016 Q50 2.0T which features some design tweaks and new engine variants to choose from. While the company is yet to announce the pricing of the 3.0T model, they have confirmed that the base model in the 2.0T range starts at $34,855. It includes destination charges as well.

Surprisingly, the latest model in the Infiniti series is an amazing $3,200 less than the 2015 edition through which the brand should find some easy patronage. After all, even those who haven’t had the idea to go for the model might change their mind because of the price variation combined with the fact that they offer better features, design and performance.


It is going to be a tough decision to make because Infiniti offers six different models in the Q50 including 2.0t, 2.0t premium, 3.0t premium. 3.0t sport, 3.0t red sport and the Q50 hybrid. Hybrids have become such a common addition to the list of trimlines an automobile manufacturer offers because of buyers interested in trying out battery powered cars for their performance and fuel efficiency.

The highest in the Q50 lineup, the hybrid model is priced at $47,955. All models use a rear wheel drive system which buyers can choose to upgrade to an all-wheel drive by paying additional costs. They have to shell out $2,000 to upgrade the vehicle to AWD irrespective of the trimline variant. While official pricing for these two models are announced, Infiniti has not revealed the pricing for the 3.0t as well as the Red Sport 400 variants.

Some of the subtle changes that can be found in the new 2016 variant of the Q50 includes a longer hood, narrow headlight design, compact platform and a grille with stylish mesh pattern. The interiors are highly superior as they are equipped with two different touchscreens. They support gesture control making it easier for the driver to adjust temperature, change songs or use the GPS on the go.

Premium plus package is a luxury add-on designed to offer heated front seats, adjustable power steering wheels, exterior mirrors with navigation memory and a bunch load of safety features. The car supports adaptive front lighting, lane departure warning, intelligent cruise control and back collision intervention system.

2016 Infiniti Q50 2.0T

Buyers interested to pre-book the vehicle can get a quote from Infiniti’s official website. Those who are planning to go for 3.0t variants may have to wait for some days before pricing is announced.

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