2016 Mercedes Benz V-Class AMG Line Set for Frankfurt Motor Show Launch

The Mercedes Benz V-Class is one of the long running models that are prevalently known to the buyers. It is not a luxury sedan or a high class SUV, but a comfortably large van that is designed to be a people carrier.

Some people living in specific regions may not have heard or seen the V-Class AMG line van, because it is not meant for every consumer group. Being a Mercedes vehicle, it is obviously high on the price tag and may not suit every terrain because of its luxurious finish. For commuting large groups of people within the city, there is no better option than this one which is why the 2016 Mercedes Benz V-Class AMG Line is all set to be out to surprise buyers again.

2016 Mercedes Benz V-Class AMG

The vehicle is set for a grand reveal at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The first version of the van was released in 1996 which seems so far in the past now. Ever since its launch, there have been numerous changes to its models and the name. It was known as the V-Class for some years after which Mercedes decided to rename it as the Viano. At present, the luxury van is being sold around the globe under different names – Marco Polo, Vito or as the Metris in the United States.

Scheduled for launch at the expo, the manufacturer is not keen on sharing the technical specifications and pricing of the upcoming vehicle. However, it is expected that the 2016 Mercedes Benz V-Class AMG line will feature posh, luxurious interiors with heating seats, a fully connected infotainment system and convenient add-ons to accommodate multiple passengers at once.

The model is already known for its accessories including cup holders, book holders, spacious interiors with increased headroom and legroom. The challenge the designers have at the moment is to boost all these elements without increasing the overall weight or height of the vehicle. The AMG line will be more powerful in terms of performance and similar to their other products, Mercedes may use a new type of carbon fiber, aluminum to increase space without adding more weight.


AMG has been working on multiple Mercedes models, but this is going to be the first time that the brand will get their hands on a van from the company. It is not easy to create a fast and robust van which AMG is known for. We can confirm only when more information is revealed at the Frankfurt motor show.

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