2016 Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet Spy Pictures Drop In

A slew of spy pictures got out and it shows the upcoming 2016 Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet in all its glory without any camouflage.

We don’t get to see a brand new car without any stuff wrapped around it, but this time the people who enjoy the Mercedes brand are in for a surprising treat. The spy pictures show the car in all its glory and it even shows how the Cabriolet looks when the roof is open. The upcoming year is one of the biggest times not just for Mercedes, but for literally every other manufacturer out there.


They are getting ready to launch renewed versions of existing cars as well as brand new models which will change the perspective of buyers. Many of them are going to launch plug-ins and hybrids, but the good old gasoline cars will be there for a very long time to come.

According to sources, it has earlier been confirmed that Mercedes is going to launch the anticipated C-Class Cabriolet at the Geneva motor show. The expo will take place in the month of March, but even though we have so many months to go, spy photographers have already captured the vehicle in all its glory.

While the company may not admit it directly, we know that the C-Class cabriolet is going to pose a direct threat to the BMW 4-series convertible. In the spy shots, it is easy to see the roof and the mechanism the car uses to lower it or get it back to position. The car is an extremely stylish offering from the luxury automobile manufacturers. The only catch is that it is not going to fit every region because of the fragile top but Mercedes claims it is much more robust and designed to withstand heavy climatic changes.


The interiors of the 2016 Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet are very similar to the outgoing model. In order to allow people to enjoy that familiar feel, the designers have left it largely untouched except for adding some new technology and additional connectivity features to it. A turbo petrol model and three different diesel engine models will debut on launch. An AMG version of the Cabriolet will also be announced, but not during its official launch at the Geneva motor show.

Enthusiasts claim that the car may lose some of its acceleration and top speed because of the revamped design to integrate the roof. It is possible to comment on this only when we get to drive it.

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