2016 Nissan Leaf Electric Car Promises 107 Miles per Charge Backed by Upgraded Battery

The 2016 Leaf, Nissan’s new electric car model, now promises a range of 107 miles per charge, backed by an upgraded battery.

This feature is expected to increase the sales, as more households would opt for the highly affordable all-electric Leaf which is the first ever Electric Vehicle to be rated with an official EPA range of over 100 miles per charge.

Nissan Leaf 2016

The upgraded battery which promises to deliver 30kWh, a 25% increase in capacity, will feature in the high end Leaf SL and the mid-level Leaf SV models. The base S-models will continue to feature the current 24kWh battery which offers a driving range of 84 miles per charge.

The new and upgraded battery not only delivers a significantly improved driving range, but also offers better battery durability, thanks to the upgraded cell structure combined with the usage of a better electrode material resulting in a revised chemistry. The new battery is only 40 pounds heavier than the smaller version. The innovation in battery technology is expected to increase both the customer base and result in more model upgrades by existing Leaf customers.

The 2016 Nissan Leaf is also getting some cosmetic upgrades, including the NissanConnect being integrated with the Mobile Apps system, hands-free Bluetooth and text messaging, audio streaming, iPod compatibility and a USB port. The standard NissanConnect comes with a five-inch display; however, the SL and SV models will feature a 7-inch display with multi-touch control, navigation, HD Radio, voice commands along with Sitius XM Travel Link.

The upgraded system featuring in the SL and SV versions includes a map to reveal the ‘reachable area’ on the existing state of charge. These models will also feature a 6.6 kW onboard charger against the current 3.3 kW which will reduce charging time on a 240 V charging port to approximately six hours. The SL and SV models will also feature CHAdeMO fast charging which allows charging from near zero to 80% capacity in about half an hour.


The infotainment system will be upgraded to new screen graphics and menus while the NissanConnect system will monitor the vehicle charge status and induce pre-cooling or pre-heating such as running the air conditioning or heat that could otherwise reduce usable range. An 80-kW motor delivering 107 horsepower and torque of 187 pound-feet will feature in both the models.

Another attractive incentive is the availability of insurance to cover defects for 100,000 miles or eight years. There is a guarantee for battery capacity in both the models too. The battery packs and the 2016 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle are to be manufactured in Tennessee.

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