2016 Renault Alpine A120 Scheduled for February Reveal

The company has released a teaser image on Twitter, which confirmed that the 2016 Renault Alpine A120 will be showcased for the first time this February.

With a New Year, buyers can always except a whole bunch of new cars in the market. Every top manufacturer including BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Ford, Audi, among others are getting ready to storm the market with their amazing models. Renault, obviously doesn’t want to left behind and will kick start the year with an Alpine model.

2016 Renault Alpine A120

It’s a sports car as confirmed by the social media post and will be launched on 16th February, 2016. As it comes from an official source, it is assured that they will come out as planned and there won’t be any delays in showing it to the public, unlike models that are just rumored. In their note, the company said that they are ready for their comeback and probably they never left, to have a comeback in the first place.

Quite confident lines, one would say. Renault has also created a teaser animation video of a race track on which the exact dates are shown. It also confirmed a successor to the existing A110 model which is probably the A120. The Geneva Motor Show is the one where the automobile manufacturer aims to grab the attention of the crowd.

The first one to reach the buyers will be the base model and after a year, a high performance, sporty version of the A120 is expected. The car is expected to be powered by a 1.8-liter TCe engine and uses a seven speed, dual clutch automatic transmission system. The system is already used by the Renault Talisman which will be retained for the A120 as well.

The upcoming version of the Alpine is expected to be built on aluminum and carbon fiber body. It allowed the designers to reduce the overall weight of the car, which in turn significantly boosts the vehicle’s top speed and acceleration. It also allows them to integrate better coolers which are mandatory when the faster version of the Alpine A120 gets launched.

2016 Renault Alpine A120 1

Some of the visual modifications that you can expect on this vehicle include the LED lights, TT-styled digital dashboard and specific features that are geared towards making life easier for the driver. It includes the bucket seats, pedals and better gearshift placement for easy access. The total weight of the car is expected to be around 1100 kilograms.

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