2016 Renault Alpine A120 Slated for February 16 Reveal

Renault has taken to Twitter to officially confirm that the 2016 Alpine A120 is getting launched on February 16th.

The brand also released a couple of official images of the car in action to keep people on their toes before the actual reveal.


Opening on a positive note, the company said in their Twitter statement that they wanted to let everyone know about their comeback, but technically, it is also true that they never left. The message is accompanied with an animated video which shows a race track that has the dates embossed on top of it.

The upcoming model is expected to offer an amazing 300 horsepower, which is a significant upgrade over the exiting version. The all-new sports Alpine A120 is powered by a 1.8-liter TCi engine. It uses a seven speed automatic transmission system, with dual clutch box. It was originally developed for the model Talisman from Renault, which will be shared by the Alpine as well.

A wide range of modifications have been carried out in the Alpine to make it efficient on the road and keep the engine cool. At the same time, the designers have ensured that the aerodynamic of the vehicle is not hindered with, when they make these changes. It has a set of new ducts at the bottom which enables the engine to run cool even when at its highest possible load. They are conveniently placed so as to not affect the car’s speed or dynamics.

Majority of the components used in the car is made of aluminum material. They reduce the overall weight of the car, which leads to increased acceleration and top speed. When the bodywork for the car began, the engineers at Renault had a target to complete the build with a total weight of 1000 kilograms. We can’t confirm it right now until the official launch takes place and the specifications are released.


Another notable exterior change is the front headlights. The shape of the LED lights resembles the design used in rally cars. It looks odd on a sports car, but when you look at it as a whole, the design is seamless. There’s also a tow hook and single nut racing wheels to truly justify the race car tag.

It might sound like a funny move, but the marketing team has picked the picture of the alpine to announce their new launch. You can find the image below and maybe pay their official Twitter page a visit.

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