2016 Smart ForTwo Cabriolet Taking Flight at Frankfurt Motor Show

Daimler’s goal of urban mobility, something the company started with the first version of the Smart vehicle is becoming a reality. With the 2016 Smart ForTwo already launched, the company will now announce a cabriolet version during the Frankfurt Motor show in September.

The standard ForTwo will hit the dealerships in the US by the end of September and the Cabriolet version is planned for next year. According to officials from Smart, the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet will appear in the middle of 2016.


What is inside the 2016 Smart ForTwo is the important aspect of the urban vehicle. We are not sure whether all of the inside features will make their way to the ForTwo Cabriolet, but the standard ForTwo has more cabin room and looks premium and luxurious.

While the design of the center stack is old and traditional, the company has placed some advanced technology goodies, including an optional smartphone cradle clip. The problem is, the cradle fits just into the center of the dash, essentially blocking the other controls. The company has also added a new app for technology drivers, called “smart cross connect”. The app is available for both Android smartphones and iPhone. The app transforms the phone to a touchscreen control display for the car, with features like navigation and music.

Further improving the inside, the company will offer the Smart ForTwo Cabriolet with standard features like automatic climate control, cruise control, LED lights for daytime, a 3.5 inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth and power steering options. All of these features are available for all trimmings.

The 2016 Smart ForTwo is completely redesigned and we expect the same approach to be used for the ForTwo Cabriolet. According to representatives from Daimler, the vehicle offers more space, equipment and refinement and the vehicle is even more suited for the urban lifestyle than before. With the Smart ForTwo cabriolet you get maneuvering options like never before.


The economy of the ForTwo Cabriolet is unknown, but we can compare it with the standard version, and expect little less efficient vehicle. The standard ForTwo offers 33 mpg efficiency in the city and 39 mpg on the highway. The combined result is a 36 mpg.

The price of the Cabriolet is unknown, but we can expect to be tad pricier than the standard ForTwo. For comparison, the base model of the 2016 ForTwo is priced at $15,400, which also includes the deliver charges. The price is higher than the previous version of the Smart vehicle, for $1,400.

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