2016 Volvo S90 Saloon Teaser Shots is in Before Detroit Show

Volvo has been getting aggressive in the automobile market with a strong focus on sedans and luxury sports utility vehicles.

They are going to take part in the upcoming Detroit auto show to showcase their new 2016 Volvo S90 a serious rival designed to take down the BMW 5 series cars.


In other words, it’s obvious that the brand is becoming active in the community like never before. They recently showcased the interiors of an autonomous vehicle scheduled for launch in 2020. Automobile brands have been focusing increasingly on performance and making vehicles with automatic drive, irrespective of the conditions. But, none bothered to take time to show how the seats and overall experience might change for the average consumer, which Volvo has done. That’s a feather in their cap as the car showed how convenient it could in its Relax mode where passengers can recline and enjoy the journey.

There seems to be no stopping them, as the brand is all set for the next Detroit auto show scheduled to take place in 2016. With just months to go, their next S90 saloon has been revealed much earlier to the show. With exotic appearance and performance, Volvo claimed that the car will be a direct competitor for Mercedes Benz E-Class and the Jaguar XF.

A couple of images of the car has leaked in the past, which are not clear, but it gives a fair idea about the bold look of the car and its brand new design set to change Volvo’s image among the  buyers. Some of the exciting features that one could look forward to in the 2016 S90 Saloon include LEDs inspired by Thor’s horizontal hammer, upright grille and meticulously sculpted headlights.

It is also expected that the saloon will be powered by a four-cylinder petrol engine and a six-cylinder diesel engine variant is also on the cards. Technical details about the upcoming sedan remain unclear at the moment, because the brand wants to surprise buyers during the Detroit show. They have kept the design cues under wraps but have released some exclusive images to reveal how stylish their new launch might look.


With the Los Angeles auto show over, car enthusiasts should start looking forward to 2016 when all the cars showcased in this event and many others will reach dealership stores. There will be plenty of new launches in the first quarter of next year as well and the world of automobiles is getting futuristic than ever.

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