2016 Volvo V90 Undisguised Picture Released for the First Time

Most car enthusiasts know that the 2016 Volvo V90 is coming. However, except for concept images and sketches, there was never an opportunity to see the car in all metal.

Before its official reveal, a set of images have got released. They are not official, but come from inside sources that showcased the SUV in all its glory. The spy shots were taken indoors surprisingly. While such pictures are not new to the industry, they are usually captured by photographers, when the cars are on the road, fully camouflaged. However, due to some poor security by Volvo, someone has managed to take it without any disguise in the manufacturing plant.


The images were published for the first time in an automobile magazine in Sweden. In the photo, the rear end of the car is clearly visible. Everything about the SUV is similar to the Estate concept car the company showed at the Geneva Motor Show held in 2014.

While it is a good model, in terms of performance and convenience, the overall boxy look has been a constant issue. The company has tried to fix it by opting for the L-shaped tail lights. They help alleviate the problem to a good extent. The shoulder line features a swoopy design which merges with the rear end of the vehicle seamlessly.

One of the distinct features of the S90 is the Thor’s Hammer front LED lights. It has been retained for the 2016 Volvo V90, without any changes. In other words, Volvo has gone to great lengths to make the car look stylish and contemporary. They have made a couple of changes and fixed things which were considered bad by the public. However, they retained all the good aspects of the design making it an easy crowd puller.


On the inside, the SUV will be powered by a T8 plug-in hybrid engine. It will be made available in both petrol and diesel variants. While the technical specification of the upcoming vehicle is less known, it won’t be long before Volvo starts talking about it.

The 2016 V90 is scheduled for launch towards the end of the year. However, the leaking out of original pictures of the vehicle’s design is not good news for the company. They may or may not change the launch date so as to keep the buyers interested in their new product launch. Stay tuned for the brand to talk about their car real soon in detail.

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