2017 Acura NSX Ad for Superbowl Goes RGB in Style

The 2017 Acura NSX received a brand new commercial for superbowl even before the big game took place and it is pure red, green, blue presented in its authentic style.

The brand is busy building a hybrid super car despite all the hurdles that they have crossed throughout the years. They finally managed to show the car at the 2015 Detroit auto show, but Ford gave an equally tough competition, stealing their thunder at the most apt point. Acura is not going to give up which is evident from the thirty second teaser they have released for the big football game.


One of the biggest claims that the NSX continues to make is that the car is being exclusively built in North America. Unlike every other model which is either from Germany or built in China, this car is more patriotic than any vehicle in the market. It is being sold as the Honda NSX in some parts of the world, but will be the United States’ very own Acura.

The entire length of the teaser video has been designed in such a way that it focuses on the red, green and blue colors which also happens to be the colors associated with the U.S. national flag. While the game is scheduled to take place on February 7, the car will go on sale only on February 25th.

The brand has confirmed that they will be taking orders for the 2017 Acura NSX towards the end of this month. While the car may or may not meet the expectations set by the designers, the teaser advertisement is definitely promising. It gives a brief glimpse into the car and its important features in RGB style.

Right from the exterior design to the front grille, the tail lights and the interior dashboard, everything has been tweaked to make it look as sporty as possible. The 2017 Acura NSX is going towards the right direction in terms of style, which might make it a success in the United States. And, if it does, it will probably be wanted by people living in other regions.


Acura aims to compete against the likes of Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and BMW who have been ruling the automobile industry for decades now. Can the NSX change it once for all? We have to wait till the end of this month and more before the car lands in dealership stores to experience its power firsthand.

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