2017 Aston Martin DB11 Spy Shots is Unofficially Out

The 2017 Aston Martin DB11 is easily the most anticipated car of the year and it is going to hit dealership stores after a long break as its earlier model DB9 was out almost seven years ago.

The lineup needs an immediate refresh which Aston Martin plans to do with a brand new Bond car. However, the design continues to be under the wraps. The vehicle is scheduled for an official launch at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2016 edition. However, the spy photographers have managed to catch a glimpse of the car in action on road.


Even though, they managed to capture some kickass spy photos, the design of the vehicle is totally camouflaged. It is a known fact that the designers don’t want to spoil the fun before they have the opportunity to explain it on their own, during the auto expo.

At the moment, Aston Martin is busy building the V12 engine in association with Mercedes and AMG. It is a twin turbo edition and a modified version of the powerful engine that is supposed to deliver amazing horsepower. The DB11 will be built on the VH aluminum architecture. Aston Martin confirmed that it will be more robust, lightweight and offer enough space to mount the engine as well as other additional components.

Most car enthusiasts strongly believe that Aston Martin suffered from low quality electronic components. Partnering with AMG is expected to change it for good and allow the automobile manufacturer to expand their future lineup with hardly any flaws.

In terms of looks, it was easy to spot that the DB11 is exceptionally stylish with a seamless, unibody design. Every aspect of the car was camouflaged in the spy shots making it really tough to admire its aesthetics and bends. The sound of the vehicle has also been optimized in such a way that long time brand lovers and DB9 owners appreciate it.

While AMG will be helping the company build the V12 modified engine, Aston Martin will be using their own exhaust pipes in order to achieve that authentic growl on start. For now, you can spend time exploring the corners of the DB11 in the limited spy shots.


The Geneva Motor Show is real close where an official launch will take place. By then, we will know the specifications of the car, its performance and official on road pricing in different regions. Gear up.

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