2017 Audi S4 Photos are Out Even before Frankfurt Auto Show 2015

Just like every other manufacturer, Audi is busy prepping their vehicles for the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show.

While there is no sign of the 2017 Audi RS4 yet, a keen photographer has managed to capture clear photos of the Audi S4 much earlier to its official reveal at the auto show. The camouflage that is usually found on upcoming vehicles has been removed from the S4 and it looks like the company is test driving it in the Alps.


With every other person owning a camera phone and avid car enthusiasts looking to capture candid photos of upcoming models, it is no wonder Audi chose to go with such a remote location to test drive one of their most wanted models. The pictures showcase the upcoming S4 and it confirms that the vehicle has undergone some significant changes in the exterior.

The vehicle sports a quad exhaust system and wide side sills. The air intakes mounted on the front bumper is much bigger, but it’s not the only thing that Audi has decided to boost up. The S4 sports much bigger wheels than the ones found in the outgoing model and the grille has undergone some minor changes to cope up with the modified exhaust system.

The 2016 Audi S4 is powered by a V6 engine which delivers an amazing 340 to 350 horsepower and the significant boost in power will be used to support the Quattro all-wheel drive system. A 7-speed twin clutch transmission system is expected to be used in the car. While car aficionados are eagerly looking forward to the launch of the RS4, inside sources confirm that it will be at least two years before Audi would unveil this flagship model.


In other news, a team from Audi is busy working on their 2016 LMP1 car to take part in the FIA World Endurance Championship. Every auto manufacturer loves to take part in the event, because it is where they get the opportunity to push their vehicles to their maximum level and showcase their performance. Even though, the event has a bunch of regulations, they are more lenient when compared to the ones set for consumer vehicles.

The Frankfurt Auto Show is scheduled to commence on September 15 and continue for a couple of days during which every big player will showcase their upcoming models. If you are looking to change your car, there couldn’t be a better show than this one to pick your choice and wait for it to get launched.

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