2017 BMW 5 Series Spy Photos Reveal Sharp Front Bumper

The spy photos of the 2017 BMW 5 series which got recently leaked revealed very little about the car.

Concerned about its design, the brand has camouflaged it completely but they did reveal the front bumper which looks aggressive than ever.


Multiple prototype models of the BMW 5 series cars were spotted in the Mojave desert last year. The company continued to camouflage them so as to keep the design aspects under wraps until the official launch takes places. They have now shifted their location from the region to a more urban area. The changes are very subtle when compared to the outgoing model but the commuter’s choice just can’t undergo any drastic modifications out of the blue.

The spy photos show the 2017 BMW 5 series equipped with the M sport package. Apart from the renewed large spoilers, majority of the car is not visible making it tough to make any suggestions at this point. In the other model, the front grille is subdued to keep a low profile but a final judgment can be made once the camo is completely removed. Surprisingly, the spy shots included a shot of the interiors showing the dashboard and seats.

People who already own the 2016 model has very little reason to switchover to the 2017 model because the interiors are very similar to the outgoing version. Besides, the automobile manufacturer used some mats to keep the interiors covered. From what we could see, the center console and the infotainment screen is much bigger than it used to be. BMW probably bumped up the size of the display but it’s placement on the dashboard remains the same. Outer gauges are made smaller and that’s the most that could be made out of the spy photos which are of poor quality.

While the brand is yet to officially confirm the powertrain used in the 2017 BMW 5 series models, it is rumored that they will be going with base turbo-four engine while a turbo-six engine could be an alternate for those looking forward to extract better performance from the car. The models will sport about 300 horsepower but there could be slight variations based on the powertrain variant you choose.


With just months to go before the official reveal, we can expect more spy shots to emerge. But, if BMW is sure about the launch, they might probably show the car at one of the upcoming auto expos.

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