2017 BMW 5 Series Upgraded with Semi-Autonomous Tech

A new order guide revealed some interesting features about the 2017 BMW 5 series.

The car is about to be upgraded with semi-autonomous technology to make life easier for people who spend a lot of time traveling.

2017 BMW 5 Series

The model is about to head into production in the month of November. The news comes from a leading automobile magazine. The trimline names have been modified and it will be addressed as the 530i, 530i xDrive, 540i, 540i xDrive variants. Apart from these confirmed variants, BMW has also planned to launch a 550i version which should be out in spring.

A 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine will be the prominent powertrain used in all BMW 5 series cars.It is also being said that the automobile manufacturer has planned to launch a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six powertrain as part of the lineup. The tweaked version of these engines should be able to produce more than 300 horsepower. It is already being used in the BMW 3 series and the brand will obviously would like to tweak it to bring out its best performance.

The 530i trimline will include basic features like sports seats, moon roof, LED headlights, fog lights, Bluetooth integration, full USB support, power front seats and a navigation system. All these features are found in the entry level 530i model and they will also be bundled with the Driver Assistance Plus II package. While it is not going to become totally autonomous immediately, the features give the driver more freedom and brings the car closer to a self-driving experience.

With the assistance package, the 2017 BMW 5 series models will have side collision avoidance, active lane keeping assistant, active driving assist, traffic jam support, active lane change and active cruise control which is connected with a stop & go functionality. So many features are bundled into a single package bringing the new 5 series close to calling itself as a semi-autonomous vehicle.

BMW 5 Series

Apart from the Driver Assistance Plus II package, buyers have the option to pick individual packages like M sport, cold weather pack, luxury and premium packages. Each one of them will set you back by a specific cost and going for it is a purely individual choice or based on the location you live in. The information has been revealed through the order guide. It did confirm that the 2017 BMW 5 series will be a buyer friendly car with plenty of choices to choose from before they purchase their preferred trim line.

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