2017 BMW M5: Features, Pricing and Brand New Spy Photos Revealed

BMW is going for overhauled design for the upcoming 2017 BMW M5 and the new set of leaked spy pictures confirmed the same.

2017 BMW M5

A rendering of the car has been done by an automobile enthusiast located in Europe. The team picked pictures of the test mule spotted in Spain and managed to remove the camouflage using design tools. It led to us seeing how the new BMW M range of products will look like much before the auto manufacturer could show us their creation.

The front fascia still retains some of the specialties of a BMW car. It has the kidney grille while the exterior of the grille is chrome coated that ends in those sleek headlights. BMW is revamping the existing design into something new but they are also keen to not lose their proprietary aspects which helps people identify the brand.

Seven prototype versions of the 2017 BMW M5 were spotted on the road. BMW has been continuously testing different chassis and platforms to arrive at the right one. Many of them were spotted in the tracks at Nurburgring. The M5 car has been codenamed as F90 for the time being. It uses a lot of carbon reinforced plastic material, CFRP leading to substantial weight loss. The loss of weight will reflect in the car’s performance, dynamics, steering control and fuel efficiency.

While the auto brand is tight lipped about the powertrain they are going to go with, we anticipate the 2017 BMW M5 to be equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 Twin Turbo engine. It is being used by the current generation M5 and will be tweaked by the engineers before it finds its way into a next generation model. On paper, it is possible to push it to deliver up to 620 horsepower but might be limited under 600hp so as comply with speed regulations.


An all-wheel drive is another anticipated feature to be implemented in both the M5 and the M6 models. The xDrive system is a rear wheel drive system and it might need some changes before it can comfortably accommodate an all-wheel drive model. Inside sources claim that BMW is planning to offer manual gearbox specifically for the North American region while the standard will be a M dual clutch automatic transmission in other regions.

The 2017 BMW M5 is scheduled to get launched early next year and will be available in dealership stores in the following months.

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