2017 Cadillac XT5 – Cadillac Taking an Unconventional Approach With Announcement of the New SUV

One thing is certain: the 2017 Cadillac XT5 is not your conventional and common SUV and the company has tried hard to maintain that image.

In order to be as unconventional as possible, Cadillac teamed with a clothing fashion company in order to showcase its new SUV.

2017-cadillac-xt5-spy photos

Cadillac teamed up with Public School, a menswear company with which Cadillac has previously partnered. The goal is to tie men’s fashion to the Cadillac brand. The company showcased the 2017 XT5 during a fashion show in SoHo.

The new crossover will replace the existing SRX, and fans cannot be more hyped about the 2017 XT5. The new crossover from Cadillac will not just replace SRX as a model, but also offer a whole new nomenclature to the SUV segment of the company. The goal is to get into the market for luxury SUVs, and the XT5 certainly has the potential for such impact.

Just like the new CT6 sedan, Cadillac will use the new Chi platform by General Motors for the 2017 XT5. There is no word on specs and design, but according to the first spy photos and the teaser photos from a photoshoot in Manhattan a week ago, we can say for sure that the XT5 will keep some of the proportions we grow accustomed with the SRX. Additionally, the XT5 will get some of the sportier and more dynamic lines from the CTS and the CT6 sedan.

The new platform developed by GM should allow Cadillac to breakthrough into the three-row SUV market. The XT5 is not going to be that SUV, but fans can certainly expect a three-row crossover from the company in the near future.

As for the power of the 2017 XT5, we are certain that the same engines used for the CT6 will make their way to the SUV. The most popular might be the 3.6-liter V6 engine, which GM recently updated specially for the CT6.


True to its brand name, Cadillac has taken a different approach with the announcement of the 2017 XT 5. Unlike other manufacturers that are trying hard to get their new vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Cadillac will skip the biggest car event in the year. The goal for Cadillac is to showcase the new 2017 Cadillac XT5 during the motor show in Dubai, scheduled for November. According to the company, there will be fewer cars and journalists in Dubai, which will allow them to really represent their new flagship SUV. Cadillac will be the first luxury brand to have a world premiere of their vehicle in Dubai.

The XT5 goes on sale next year, sometimes during the spring months of March, April or May.

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