2017 Ferrari GTC4Lusso Can be Fully Customized, Online Configurator is Live

Customizing your favorite car before purchasing it just like in the video games is fun and the 2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso gives enough options to meddle with before final delivery.

The online configurator is live and with such a steep pricing, it is not surprising to see the brand offer so much variations for their customers.


The base model of the car is priced at $300,000 and the price tag is definitely not for the faint hearted people. When you choose to customize it entirely before delivery, pricing could go much higher based on the packages chosen and the components that are added using the online customization tool. A wide range of 20 different color choices is being offered by Ferrari. There are metallic, solid and historical colors besides special variants. The company has put in a lot of thought because the online tool even allows you to see how the color will look under bright sunlight before you finalize it.

Choosing the color for the 2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is the first step in the online configurator tool followed by choice of rim and brake calipers. The brand offers five different trims to choose from while there are nine different brake caliper color options. The choices are extensive without a doubt. Buyers can even add a 20-inch wheel kit along with carbon fiber center caps.

Ferrari cars are stylish in their own respect and the 2017 GTC4Lusso is no different. However, if you are keen on customizing it even further, the body can be improved with an exclusive sport exhaust system and panoramic roof. The front grille can either be chrome plated or can have dark edges based on individual preference. Scuderia Ferrari shields is available as an exclusive add-on.

Other body components the online configuration tool offers include dual view front parking camera to make parking easier in crooked corners, suspension lifter, anti-stone chipping and adaptive headlights. It’s not just the exterior but the interior colors can be customized as well. Over 15 different colors are offered from which the buyer can pick the right one.

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The 2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is going the extra mile by offering customers the opportunity to have the brand’s horse emblem stitched on the headrests. They are available in 18 different color variants. The leather interior inserts are being offered in 14 different colors.

Entertainment related add-ons include a HIFI system, Apple Carplay support and a passenger display which showcases all driver information to those seated in the rear seat.

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