2017 Ford F-150 EcoBoost Renders Upto 470 Lb ft Of Torque

Ford has worked hard on the 2017 F-150 3.5-liter V6 engine and has tweaked it a lot.

2017 Ford F 150

It has resulted in an amazing horsepower and also delivers great torque which is essential for trucks to perform well.

Since 2010, Ford has been using a similar version of the engine with very little changes in the performance area. They did modify it several times throughout the years but the tweaks were minimal. However, this time Ford claimed that they have worked right from the ground to change a vast range of components in the powertrain. Changes have been made to the turbos, the head and a new block has been added to pull out the best torque from the V6 engine.

While the auto manufacturer claimed to have made a lot of modifications in order to make the Ford F-150 perform efficiently, they are yet to release the technical specifications of the engine. Actual technical documents are still being kept under wraps so as to not let their competitors know what they are up to. The maximum horsepower and torque delivered by the engine is going to be a milestone for the company, in all their future vehicles. It is the one that is going to set them apart. An insider did confirm that an advanced powertrain technology has been introduced for the first time in the six cylinder engine.

For the first time in history, Ford is using a port fuel injection system in association with direct injection. It is designed in such a way that one of the injector is used in the intake port while the other is integrated in the cylinder. Next generation modifications done in the powertrain include revamped turbine wheels which are lighter and are equipped with an electronically controlled wastegate. With these new changes combined with a robust valve train, Ford confirmed that they expect much better durability with the engine.

Ford F 150

While in terms of horsepower, the new version of the V6 is very minimal with just 10 hp more than the outgoing model. It is the torque capacity where the engine shines big time because the engineers have managed to get more than 50 lb feet pushing it to a total of 470 lb ft of torque for users who need some amazing pulling capacity to haul their boats and stuff. The amount of torque delivered is more than what Ford claimed earlier.

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