2017 Ford Fusion Sport Offers an Impressive 380 Lb Ft of Torque

Ford is focused on occupying the performance car segment completely. The new 2017 Ford Fusion Sport is one such launch which is going bring a significant change to the lineup the brand has to offer.

2017 Ford Fusion Sport

When announcements related to the model dropped in, Ford confirmed that they are aiming to deliver at least 350 lb feet of torque. The claim surprised a lot of enthusiasts because it is not easy to accomplish such performance. However, the newest development has blown the roof away because the engineers at Ford has managed to add the Fusion Sport with 380 lb feet of torque. The car will be powered by a four-wheel drive system.

Another interesting update is that this is being offered in the Ford Fusion. The model has always been associated as a commuter’s vehicle and was never seen as a sports variant. Itdirectly competes with many top models including Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and Honda Accord. In comparison, Ford is now years ahead with their Fusion Sport.

Camry equipped with a V6 engine delivers a total of 268 horsepower coupled with 248 lb feet of torque. The same V6 engine is used in the Honda accord which has been tweaked to offer 278 horsepower combined with 252 lb feet of torque. The newly announced 2017 edition of the twin turbo powered Fusion stands miles apart. It can render 325 horsepower with 380 lb feet of torque.

Ford has always been ahead in the market even though many of their cars don’t directly compete with the sports variants. The 2016 edition of the Fusion delivered more acceleration and torque than the F430 from Ferrari and the Ferrari F50. Besides, many of the models which offer such horsepower and torque are usually priced somewhere around $50,000. However, the Ford car is priced at $33,475 making it cheaper and readily affordable for most buyers.

Ford Fusion Sport

The only drawback in this claim is that we are yet to see the car in action. When the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport hits stores, it will be pushed to its limit and compared against multitude of models from other automobile manufacturers. Once real life performance reports and track records are gathered, it will be much easier to say that Ford has broken all barriers and has set a new benchmark with its all-new sports car.

Official details including the powertrain used, pricing and launch date is expected to be out soon.

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