2017 Ford GT Available In 8 Different Colors With Customization Options

The Auto show circuit paved way for the right platform where Ford enthusiastically displayed the 2017 GT and the different color variants they are to offer it with.

2017 Ford GT interior

The automobile brand confirmed that they are going to let buyers choose from eight different color schemes for the 2017 Ford GT. It is not only the exterior hue that is going to be modified but people will have option to customize various aspects of the car to match the color tone. The car is moving fast towards launch this year and it is extremely limited in numbers. Just 250 GT models will be built every year and with a price tag of $400,000 or higher, it is going to be a dream wagon for most.

However, for people who could actually buy the Ford GT 2016 edition, choices are aplenty. The manufacturers showcased the Liquid Blue at the event. Apart from that, the color variants offered include gray, silver, white, red, yellow, matte black, original black and the racing stripes. Commenting on the same, the brand’s design manager Barb Whalen said that the GT models were never about trendy color variants.

Their objective is to keep the car classic as it has always been. “The 2016 Ford GT isn’t a trendy car but a veritable race car designed for buyers who can enjoy its performance on the road, instead of a track. We tried to balance the materials used in the vehicle and the color choices offered. It allowed us to showcase the raw appeal of this performance driven sports car and not make it too fancy looking,” said Whalen.

2017 Ford GT

Most modern vehicles sport carbon fiber materials in abundance. The new GT is no different as the makers have relied on the material for majority of its built. They are usually reserved only for the accents while steel and other solid ones will be used in the rest of the car. The team at Ford however used carbon fiber in different areas and have designed the car in such a way that the most expensive parts are exposed. In order to match the color scheme of the 2016 GT, Brembo offers brake calipers in all eight colors and a photo of the calipers were released by Ford.

The 2016 Ford GT is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine which has the capacity to deliver up to 600 horsepower. It uses a seven speed automatic transmission system.

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