2017 Genesis G90 is a Newbie Luxury Car Set to Beat BMW and Mercedes

The automobile industry is dominated by luxury car manufacturers from Germany, Italy and other parts of the world, but for the first time there is this new 2017 Genesis G90 from Hyundai ready to compete with big players like Mercedes and BMW.

In Korea, the flagship model is popularly known as EQ900. It will be G90 for the rest of the world and has been in the race for quite a while. However, the newly released next gen model scheduled for launch has made heads turn. Hyundai is a company associated with average cars designed for the daily commuter. The brand is taking a sharp turn into a completely new world to take down the luxury players.


The Genesis is their brand new wing which has G90 as its flagship model. While it looks similar to Hyundai’s earlier version, the car has some technological changes integrated into it. The Advanced Smart Cruise Control is one among many other features including adaptive dampers and lane keeping assist. For drivers who have a hard time controlling their car on the right lane, the assist is expected to make things easy even when their full attention is not on the road.

Apart from these basic features, the flagship sedan also features two of the most sophisticated features including highway driving assistance and seats which are clinically tested to offer the best ergonomics for your body. While ergonomic design is promoted by brands with every other product, this is probably one of the very first time Hyundai has incorporated every element in the interior of the G90 to ensure that drivers don’t feel discomfort.

Right from the shape of the seats and its positioning to the steering wheel, the mirrors and the heads up display has been positioned in such a way that people using it find it easy without having to lean in the wrong direction to access it. The only shortcoming is that Hyundai is not going to launch these two features in the G90s, when it launches in other regions. It will be exclusive to buyers who reside in Korea.


There are three different engine variants to choose from including a 5.0-liter V8 engine which is the top of the line. The best G90 will offer 419 horsepower and can easily touch from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 5.7 seconds. The engines use an eight speed automatic transmission system and the car is equipped with a 12-inch displayed combined with a Lexicon surround sound system.

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