2017 Honda Civic First Look Images and More Details Emerge

The 2017 Honda Civic is a long awaited dream come true for long time Civic fans.

The model has been one of the most successful launches from Honda. Revamping its existing design is expected to bump its sales quotient one more time.

2017 Honda Civic

The new version of the Civic is all set to go into production in Honda’s plant in UK. The car is being sportier so as to make it appealing to the younger crowd. An official launch will take place in 2017 but the test mule version of the model is already out on the roads. The automobile manufacturer earlier launched the concept version of the car at the Geneva motor show. The spy pictures of the model got leaked giving a good idea of what to expect.

The high back found in the existing model has been removed and the roofline is rather lowered so as to give the much needed sporty look to the car. The rear screen is steep in appearance while the front bonnet is longer. While majority of the 2017 Honda Civic is camouflaged, it is evident that the car is all set to be upgraded with a sporty looking front bumper. Even though, Honda has opted for an extremely stylish car, they have kept all the changes subtle so as to retain their existing customers while attracting new ones.

A fine balance in design is witnessed in the new Civic which is equipped with twin exhaust pipes. Most models with such design offer amazing performance and if the concept model is something to go with, we can be sure that it is going to faster than the Type S. The rear lamps are in the shape of a boomerang and a similar pattern is found in the taillights. In the interior, the engineers have opted for a conventional design but the changes made ensure the car looks current gen.

Honda Civic

The dashboard is made in such a way that it is readily accessible to the driver and the touchscreen allows easy navigation as well as complete control over the infotainment system. Talking about the upcoming launch, chief designer of the car, Diasuke Tsutamori said that the prototype which is being tested in the roads is very close to the actual production car. People may be surprised to see the end product as it will look a lot like the prototype with minimal changes.

He added that the team has worked hard to ensure the 2017 Honda Civic looks current and stylish when compared with its predecessor.

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