2017 Hyundai i30 Hybrid Set to Lead the Hybrid Range of Cars

Hyundai is working on its next generation of cars including the i30 hatchback. Spy pictures of the model has emerged online giving us a glimpse of the car before it could officially debut for the general public.

2017 Hyundai i30

The next gen i30 cars are expected to be purely hybrid and is the flagship model for many other cars to come in the near future. The upcoming 2017 edition of the i30 is the top model which will sit alongside the Hyundai Ioniq electric cars. The spy photos as expected is not something that is going to give you a clear view of what to expect. Instead, the car is totally camouflaged in it making it difficult to make out its design and exterior finish.

The cabin quality in the new i30 hybrid hatchback is going to receive an extreme upgrade with state-of-the-art dashboard and support for multiple connectivity features. Hyundai is keen on upgrading the I series models so that they are on par in terms of design and finish when put against the Tucson and Ioniq models.

It is also expected that the new range of i30 cars will be powered by powertrains used in the Ioniq models. Electrified powertrains already being used in Ioniq cars will directly be integrated in the I series cars. Other cars that are under the Hyundai brand are also said to be upgraded to plug-in hybrids and hybrid models so as to meet the tight regulations set by the European government.

Ioniq was first revealed at the Geneva motor show this year with three different powertrains. The surprising element of them all was that the engineers at Hyundai managed to integrate all the different powertrains in the same body shell. The brand had a model to compete every offering in the market at the moment. It had one to rival the Toyota Prius and one to go against the Nissan Leaf.

Hyundai i30

According to EU regulations, all cars are supposed to maintain their CO2 emissions at 95g/km by 2021. Hyundai is taking all the necessary steps to achieve the target in due time. The automobile manufacturer is keen on introducing their hybrid technology to mainstream customers. In a statement, the brand’s representative confirmed that they are looking at 2021 to have a complete lineup of cars, with one model for every requirement. The idea is to satisfy the needs of every customer in a uniform manner.

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