2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport Gets Refreshed with New Tech and Features

The 2017 edition of Land Rover Discovery Sport is getting a refreshed model with new, improved infotainment system combined with in-car technology designed to make the journey memorable.

The all-new Disco sport cabin is a welcome addition in the Discovery Sport. It brings in a slew of new features including an InControl Touch Pro. The upgraded version of the infotainment system uses a large 10.2-inch touchscreen display. The screen is an improved version of the existing model with higher pixel density as the one found in the 8.0-inch touchscreen. The pixel density makes it easier for passengers to spot content without any difficulty.

2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport

The entire design and controls found in the center console is hugely inspired by smartphones. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport is changed in such a way that passengers don’t have to fumble to find the things they need. Instead, they can seamlessly use the touch controls to touch, swipe or zoom in/out of a map. It allows them to swipe between features and navigate maps with the convenience of a tablet.

Tile is another new add-on which is a simple and a compact Bluetooth tag. The tag allows users to easily find their keys, smartphones and wallets. It can be attached to these items which warns the passenger if they happen to board the car without any of these essential items. The car automatically beeps and will ensure you never forget your wallet or phone again.

Every function of the Discovery Sport is controlled using the touchscreen center console. However, one doesn’t have to be in the vehicle to access it. The car is capable of communicating with an iPhone or an Android phone by using Apple Car Play, Android Auto features. Discovery Sport proudly calls itself the first model to offer Tile Connectivity feature because the company in a survey found that an average person spends fifteen minutes everyday searching for misplaced items.

New safety features found in the 2017 Land Rover vehicle includes drowsiness detection system, automatic speed limiter and lane departure system which makes use of the mounted cameras. It will automatically steer the car back into the correct lane so as to avoid any collision.

Discovery Sport 2017

A new mod is provided by the company which brings in the Dark Atlas color and is available on both SE, SE Tech editions. Color variants available include Farallon Black, Carpathian Grey, Aruba and Silicon Silver.

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