2017 Lincoln Continental Gets Approach Detection Technology

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is receiving a brand new technology named Approach Detection.

Cars are becoming more intelligent than ever and the Continental will now be capable of greeting passengers with a welcome tone as soon as they come near the vehicle.

2017 Lincoln Continental Approach Detection system

The Approach Detection system was originally unveiled with the MKC compact luxury crossover model. While it didn’t have the capability to detect everyone except for the ones who carried the keys, the newer edition is more sophisticated. Talking about the feature, Ford’s Sheryl Connelly added that it is not simply about turning the lights on but providing people a warm welcome which will make them feel at home.

“Instead of making vehicles look like soulless beings even though we use them on a daily basis, we are aiming to make it more interactive. The idea of the approach detection is to make the Continental sense a passenger’s presence and invite them in, just like a friend would do or when you check in to a luxury resort. Everything you need and things you want will be there with the comfort of a home. It’s like a house on wheels,” said Connelly.

The automatic detection will project bright LED lights beneath the mats of the front door so that the driver could get into it. It makes it easier to spot the step and also avoid any debris or dirty water on the road. Power folding side mirrors is an add-on option which is fully automatic. As soon as the driver steps in and takes his or her place in the seat, the mirrors will deploy into position and the doors will automatically close.

With the 2017 Lincoln Continental, the designers have left no stones unturned. The door handles highlight with bright LED lights to complete the exterior color used in the particular model. Interior ambient lights, cup holders and instrument panels use the same color so that there is a sense of uniformity.

Black Label and Reserve models are the exquisite variant offered by Lincoln which uses lights to illuminate the entire vehicle when a passenger is about to step in. It glows in a sequence while the cabin and interiors has the same lighting with a mild glow so that it doesn’t hinder the passengers’ mood.

Lincoln Continental Approach Detection system

Lincoln Continental 2017 edition is all set to go on sale in fall 2016 and is exclusive to U.S., China. There is no word on its availability in other regions.

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