2017 Mazda3 Model Receives New Visual Modifications With G-Vectoring Control

The auto brand has announced the 2017 Mazda3 which is available in Japan right.

The car is available with a wide range of options to suit all types of buyers.

2017 Mazda3 front

If you are in Japan, you can opt for the Mazda3 2017 edition with petrol, diesel or a hybrid powertrain. Hybrid cars are plenty and many of them are making their way into the Asian market recently. The new Mazda3 is one such model which also offers all-wheel drive variant as an add-on option. For the first time, the company has upgraded the car with a brand new G-Vectoring control system. It is a proprietary technology developed by the brand and will soon be found in their entire range of cars.

When the Mazda3 gets launched in the North American region, it will be first ever model to feature the G-vectoring control system. With the help of the developed design, the car can be controlled with minimal steering. The passenger doesn’t have to steer it to extremes to cut sharp corners. It also automatically balances any moves one makes unconsciously which may lead to a crash. Other features which are part of the system is improvement steering precision, reduced pitch, roll, corrected understeer and minimized jerkiness when on bumpy road.

The new system developed for the 2017 Mazda3 is similar to the autonomous driving system introduced in new generation models. However, it doesn’t try to control the car on its own but rather make driving fun for the passengers on board. You may not have to focus too much on the minor details and keep moving forward with little stress.

The exterior of the car remains largely the same and it is difficult to actually find the changes implemented by the designers. The grille is now more rounded in shape than it used to be while the headlights are larger. The front fascia along with the grille has been pushed closer to the ground with a horizontal finish. The LED headlights and the fog lights are reserved for the higher trim line models.

2017 Mazda3

In a press event, head of the brand, Masamichi Kogai commented that they are working hard to become a part of life for their customers. The brand aims to become the one and only brand people would like to go for. By offering new technologies that make driving easier, they strongly believe that the Mazda3 among other models will become irreplaceable in the automobile scenario.

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