2017 McLaren 570GT is Now More Comfortable with Posh Interiors

McLaren has always been a company known for fast cars and while they have already beaten most track records, it is time to focus on the comfort factor of the riders.

After all, sports car don’t see cargo space or cushioning capabilities which is what the new 2017 McLaren 570GT aims to alter altogether.


The entire chassis has been made to feel light and softer to offer a comfortable ride at top speed while the cargo area has been considerably improved to provide space for passengers as well as the things they might want to carry. Without a doubt, the car remains true to the name McLaren has developed over the years.

It is powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine delivering a cool 562 horsepower and can touch a speed of 132 miles per hour in 11.1 seconds. The numbers are extremely high when compared to any ordinary vehicle but when talking about a McLaren offering, such numbers are normal. Besides, for the price range at $195,000 for the top end variant of the 570, it is supposed to offer a luxury experience like never before.

The automobile manufacturer offers three different cars based on the same platform including the 570 GT, 570 S and the Spider edition of the same model. All of them were designed and developed at the same time. While the performance and engine capabilities remain similar, the changes are made in the interiors to provide cushioned comfort for the passengers.

Some of the new additions include a laptop case, soft airline cabin bags, and a suit carrier. The total storage space available in the rear is 7.8 cubic feet and it adds up to the already avaialble 4.6 cubic feet in the front. With a view to make the car comfortable on the road, McLaren has increased the softness of the front springs by 15 percent while the rear springs are 10 percent softer than they used to be. They have made the steering ratio more relaxed by 2 percent so that the driver don’t have to stress much to control it.


While all these are geared towards making the car comfortable and easy to control at varying speeds, there are other entertainment driven additions as well including huge stereo speakers, heat shielded glass roof and soft close doors. Everything makes the car less noisy, soft and cushioned for an experience like never before. The 2017 McLaren 570GT is a compelling buy for those who love the brand and speedy sports cars.

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