2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 Spy Shots Leaked, Car is Spotted in Sweden

Are you really eager to know what Mercedes Benz has, up their sleeve, to showcase at the Geneva Motor Show?

You should be and among the many other models, the 2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 is an anticipated one of the lot.


Whenever AMG teams up with Mercedes, it is given an excessively powerful car is in the making and the E-class model will be no different than the earlier editions, except of course better acceleration and higher top speed. It will receive all the latest technology that AMG has been building in their garage which leads to increased price tags, but if you are buying Mercedes cars, it’s probably for the luxury and hardly to satisfy your budget’s cravings.

Most spy shots that have recently emerged are all based in hilly, winter regions. It could probably be because of the fact that we are still yet to officially go into Spring season and many parts of the world are still covered in beautiful white snowflakes.

This time, the spy shots have emerged from Sweden. The shots are crisp and clear, but Mercedes is clever enough to totally camouflage the car with patterns so that you couldn’t clearly see its design. The car is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine which is already being used in the AMG version of GT S. The engine is easily capable of rendering 503 horsepower and it may be further boosted in order to make it a worthy addition to the E-class models.

The 2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 will use an all-wheel driving system powered by the 4Matic technology. The model will go on sale offering an estate and saloon version while an AWD is also being rumoured. It will enable Mercedes to reach the mass market and make it easier to launch the car in multiple regions where people prefer AWD the most.

Spy-Shots of Cars

Even though, spy photographers have managed to capture photos of the car in action, it will be a while before it goes into production and gets an official reveal. The E 63 will be showcased at the Paris Motor Show this year, but will reach the hands of buyers only by 2017. We don’t have an official release date yet, but obviously the company will reveal it during the auto expo when it takes place.

Meanwhile, gear up for the Geneva Motor Show which is scheduled to take place in March.

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