2017 Mercedes AMG E43 Edition Increases Power to 396 HP

The 2017 Mercedes AMG E43 is getting a power boost and will be launched at the 2016 New York auto expo. The car is slated to hit dealership stores next year.

When compared to the standard edition, the new model is capable of delivering an increased 396 horsepower.


The car has a 3.0-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine which when compared to the original model that delivers 241 horsepower is much higher at 396 horsepower. The significant performance boost is a boon for buyers who love to have as much horsepower exerted as possible from the cars they own. The model has 384 lb feet of torque with an engine speed ranging from 2,500 rpm to 5,000 rpm.

Talking about the vehicle’s improved stance, Mercedes commented that they have altered the front to rear ratio of the car to 31:69. Combined with the all-wheel drive system, it renders increased agility. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds while the top speed of the vehicle is at 155 miles per hour.

The model uses a nine-speed automatic transmission system and air sport suspension designed by AMG. It promises the best of comfort and is designed to retain the name Mercedes has acquired by making the most luxurious comfortable cars of the generation. There are multiple modes to pick from offering drivers complete versatility. It includes steering, suspension, transmission mode and engine mode each with specific set of tweaks geared towards offering the best in the desired class.

A single stage transfer case mounted on a flange is integrated in the 2017 Mercedes AMG E43 performance sedan which helps reduce the weight of the car. Compared to the earlier models which used a seven speed transmission, the newer version has adopted some great weight saving techniques. After those reductions, the total weight is measured at 4,145 pounds. The E43 has 19-inch black wheels which is upgradeable to 20-inch wheels, uses quad flow exhaust tips and a silver chrome painted painted rear diffuser.


The interiors feature seats with red linings and the same color tone is found throughout the entire dashboard. The car can be upgraded to Nappa leather seats. It features sport steering wheel and red seat belts by default while other options can be acquired by paying additional costs.

The 2016 New York auto expo is scheduled to take place on March 23rd in which Mercedes will showcase the improved 2016 E43.

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