2017 Mercedes AMG GT Base Model Priced at $112,125

The Mercedes AMG GT lineup is growing at a rapid pace and the brand has announced the pricing for the 2017 edition base model. With multiple variants to choose from, the automaker aims to reach customers of all classes.

2017 Mercedes AMG GT

The GT model is supposed to be an expensive car for most buyers. However, the new sticker price for the base model is confirmed to be at $112,125. It is not the original Mercedes version but a tweaked, high performance variant designed by AMG. The AMG GT R version is scheduled for an official launch towards the middle of 2017. The brand has also announced the Mercedes AMG GT S which will have a 2017 edition and is made to sit between the two editions.

We know that the AMG GT and the AMG GT S variants are powered by the same twin turbo edition of the 4.0-liter V8 engine. On paper, both powertrains are supposed to deliver identical performance. But, an automaker has to differentiate their models from one another and AMG has helped Mercedes achieve it. The GT delivers a total of 456 horsepower coupled with 443 lb feet of torque while the more powerful GT S delivers a higher 503 horsepower combined with 479 lb feet of torque. Both cars are mated to a seven speed dual clutch transmission system.

With the new base model announced, the pricing of the 2017 Mercedes AMG GT S has received a significant price increase. The car is now $1,300 higher when compared to the 2016 edition, priced at $132,125. The price difference between the base GT and the GT S is huge which has been duly justified by a wide range of features. The car is equipped with a powerful AMG adaptive exhaust and the interiors are luxurious lined with Nappa leather seats. Red brake calipers add to the style quotient and entertainment for the passengers is taken care of by the immersive Burmester premium sound system.

2017 Mercedes Benz AMG GT

All these features and more are provided by default in the GT S 2017 edition. In terms of performance and other major changes, there isn’t much which might put off long time fans who had planned to upgrade to the new car when it arrives. The car features AMG Black Piano finish and accents while buyers can choose to go for the AMG Aerodynamic package. The 2018 Mercedes AMG GT R is also on the cards and is slated for a mid-2017 launch.

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