2017 Mercedes C-Class is a Spacious Sedan Set for December Launch

Creating a car which offers enough space for at least four people, yet compact enough for zippy driving is the primary objective of most manufacturers.

The 2017 Mercedes C-Class aims to satisfy every strata of the buyer community, with a new vivid and sensual design, according to the official statement from the company.

2017 Mercedes C-Class Coupe

Mercedes is a luxury car manufacturer, a fact known across the globe. But, it is the elite perspective they have created throughout the decades that deter them from appealing to the masses. People have a notion that their cars offer the best in luxury class, but are not designed to be sporty. The new C-class aims to change this notion forever.

The manufacturer in a statement confirmed it is going to be a vehicle that ideally balances the best of modern luxury combined with an agile sportiness. In order to support their claim, the car is made at least 60 millimeters longer than its previous models. The measurement covers the area between the axle and the firewall. For offering the promised luxurious ride, the vehicle’s suspension is much lower than the saloon, measured at 15 millimeters.

A wide range of modifications are made in the interiors of the vehicle. Brand new upholstery is one of the significant changes in this model, which offers unique color combinations. One of them is saddle brown combined with porcelain, while another is turquoise coupled with nut brown and black. The steering wheel features multiple functions and has AMG sports pedals for superior control at high speeds.

2017 Mercedes C-Class

Apart from the interiors and the suspension, the 2017 Mercedes C-Class is equipped with 17-inch wheels which are tuned to be sporty. The manufacturer says the overall length and breadth of the vehicle has been increased so that it offers additional shoulder and elbow room. The increased size makes it easier for the front and rear seat passengers to sit conveniently for long rides. The length is increased by at least 95 millimeters, while the width in the new model is 40 millimeters more than the earlier edition.

The C-Class 2017 edition also promises better road dynamics while keeping road noise at minimal levels. The steel suspension is fully customizable. The basic model is integrated into the vehicle, but buyers can go for a sports or a stability variant based on their individual preference. The Mercedes C-Class 2017 will be available in four variants with the gas engine and two with the diesel engines when it gets launched.

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