2017 Mercedes E-Class Interiors is Extremely Stylish and Truly Next Gen

The interiors define the luxurious aspect of a car and if you want to see what next gen is, the 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class is a perfect example.

The manufacturers have released official images of the car which shows a massive dual display. Each one of the displays is measured at 12.3-inches; the size of the iPad Pro tablet and it is quite big for any car’s dashboard. However, the space has been utilized in such a way and the software has plenty of apps to make good use of the display real estate available.


Besides, there is a striking aspect of the overall dashboard design which makes the displays look as if they are floating in front of you, even though they don’t. Both of them merge together to create the impression of a widescreen found in a flight’s cockpit. A HD display which has been slightly contoured displays features available to the driver while the rest of the screen is flat enabling the passengers to operate it without fuss.

Mercedes Benz has brought in significant innovations to the interiors, as part of which the designers have integrated touch screen controls on the steering wheel. Not many cars can boast of such a feature on the wheel and it is being touted that E-Class will be the first ever car to feature touch controls, right in the hands of the driver. Apart from being touch-friendly, the buttons can also be used to perform different actions when you move your fingers vertically or horizontally over them.

For a sophisticated lighting experience, the car uses LED technology. It has been integrated in the right spots, which allows the users to create 64 different colors using the available lights. You will find the LEDs in the display area, trim level, handle recess, door pockets, handles and even in the triangle area of the mirror.


Based on the trim level you go for, the car will be equipped with a Burmester 3D surround system for an immersive entertainment experience. It should be a pleasure watching movies or listening to music on the go. Apart from these exotic changes, the 2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class also features ‘one-of-a-kind’ headlights, which use high performance LED lights to highlight the road even in pitch black conditions.

The auto manufacturer has been continuously teasing buyers as they are gearing up to unveil the new E-Class in style in a couple of weeks.

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